Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence

Course description

Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) is an emerging discipline intent on creating AI systems that amplify and augment (rather than displace) human abilities. HCAI seeks to preserve human control in a way that ensures artificial intelligence meets our needs while also operating transparently, delivering fair and equitable outcomes, and respecting privacy.

Main learning topics:

  • HCAI principles;
  • Responsible AI principles;
  • Explainable AI;
  • Algorithmic Fairness;
  • AI Ethics;
  • Applications of HCAI methods on deep learning architecture and natural language processing algorithms;
  • Introduction to Research Methods for Human-Centred Computing.


 Detailed information about the course, including the class schedule, is available on the syllabus

Requirements for participation

 Students from the 1st semester can enrol for this course.

Dates and Rooms

  Day Time Start date Room Teacher
Lectures Monday 9:00-11:00 17.04.2023 G29-307 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernesto W. De Luca
Exercises Friday 11:00-13:00 21.04.2023 G29-K058  M.Sc. Erasmo Purificato


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